Trying to install karaokemugen-app on gentoo rpi4

I’m trying to install karaokemugen-app from sources on my Raspberry Pi 4 that runs Gentoo linux (arm64), and the application crashes (or shuts down?) right after mpv successfuly shows up. The error message is not very helpful (for me):

error Command failed with exit code 1.

From the logs, the last thing it successfully did is

info:  [Stats] Payload sent successfully to
Electron Security Warning (Insecure Contexnt-Security-Policy) font-weight: bold; This renderer process has either no Contexnt Security Policy set or a policy with "unsafe-eval" enabled. This exposes user of this app to unnecessary security risks."

I have no experience in debugging electron, but I’m an experienced programmer, so feel free to put me on the right path (tutorial on how to setup a dev env, etc.)

Any idea what’s happening?
If someone can tell me what they see in the log after this when it works could help me too.

FWIW, I see the window comming up quickly, but then disapears right after.


Are you using X11 or Wayland? If you are using Wayland, I know that electron defaults to XWayland and can cause crashes like these. To run natively on Wayland you should append --ozone-platform=wayland when launching the app.

In any case, if you could send the full log file, this would give us more insight on what could have caused the crash.

Hope that helps!